6 Tips to Help you Learn How to Get Ripped Fast and Add lean Muscle Mass Quickly

You may want to learn how to get ripped fast so you can feel more confident at your next class reunion, on a special date, or just to feel healthier daily.
You may be starting a new workout plan with the goal of losing weight, building muscle or both. Either way, the more lean muscle you can build, the more you’re going to like what you see in the mirror.
Along with these 6 muscle building tips, all you need is determination and consistency.

Fast Muscle Tip #1. Add High-Quality Protein to Your Meals 

You are what you eat. To build muscles fast, you need to give your body plenty of the raw materials it needs to create healthy, abundant muscle fibers. This requires lots of high-quality protein.
Lean protein not only helps add coveted muscle, it helps to keep your metabolism revved up, and burn off excess fat so that you see not only strength but definition.
Excellent sources include lean poultry, tuna, salmon, shrimp, and eggs.

Fast Muscle Tip #2. Power Up Your Smoothies 

Choose a shake that includes an excellent vegetarian source of protein, such as whey, to power up your diet and protect your health.

Whey protein is currently the most effective and efficient source of branched-chain amino acids that are produced during the conversion of milk into cheese.
Nut and seed proteins also provide essential fatty acids that are vital for healthy joints and tendons and high energy levels.

Including protein shakes in your muscle-building diet feds your muscles and protects you from injury, enabling more muscle growth and powerful workouts.

Fast Muscle Tip #3. Get Confused: How to Get Ripped Fast Hollywood Style 

A few summers ago, a major movie was released that featured gladiators with the most ripped physiques imaginable (yes, we are talking about 300!). How, audiences marveled, could the actors have achieved such rapid increases in muscle mass during the few months they had to train for their roles?
The answer lies in muscle confusion. By constantly varying the exercises you do, you prevent your muscles from reaching a dreaded fitness plateau.
Instead, both large muscle groups and stabilizer muscles are constantly engaged in new ways, signaling to the body to build more muscle.
Take advantage of muscle confusion by using free weights one daybody resistance anotherplyometrics the next, and so on.

Fast Muscle Tip #4. Intervals and Exhaustion 

If you want to know how to get ripped fast, you must commit to working up to and beyond what you think your limits are.
During each workout, work your large muscle groups to the point of exhaustion, also known as a failure. This causes the body to sense that it needs to build more muscle mass, triggering the growth of muscle during the recovery phase of your fitness regimen.
Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of high-intensity intervals to support increases in strength, and improve definition.
Alternate high-intensity cardio intervals of five to ten minutes duration with two to three-minute strength training super blasts. For example, combine intense cardio intervals using a jump rope, with strength intervals using heavy kettle balls, pull up bars, and free weights.

Fast Muscle Tip #5. Rest and Get Ripped 

This next tip is crucial to learning how to get ripped fast. Muscle is not built during a workout! Your workouts set in motion a recovery process during which additional muscle mass is created.
The more intense your workout, the more intense the building process becomes when you rest.
Your body does its best muscle building while you are in the deepest state of sleep. To ensure you get a good night’s rest of 8 to 9 hours as it is crucial to muscle gaining goals.

Fast Muscle Tip #6. Hire a Personal Trainer 

No one knows how to help you sculpt your physique like a certified personal trainer.
Your trainer can help you learn the most effective weight lifting techniques for your body type while helping you perfect your form.  These two factors are key ingredients for any workout to yield big payoffs.
Personal trainers are also a wealth of information at your fingertips.  You will always have someone knowledgable in the art of muscle building to ask any burning questions you need to be answered with confidence.

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