Weight Training To Build Muscle Size "6 Explosive Weight Training Tips"

Using weight training to build muscle size and increase your strength is one of the most common and effective workout techniques. It can easily be achieved with the right workout program and access to free weights and weight machines.
Then why is it that so many people weight train 3 times a week but still don’t see results?  It’s because they are not weight training the right way!… Your weight training techniques are flawed!
If you’re looking to build muscle size and get ripped fast with weight training, there are a number of things you can change about your training program to increase your chances of making this happen.
Let’s look at 7 effective workout tips to build muscle fast with weight training.

Weight Training to Muscle Failure For Maximum Muscle Gain

This is a point that cannot be stressed enough! Performing a muscle-building exercise until failure is the best way to promote muscle growth through weight training! Too many muscle enthusiasts and fitness buffs don’t even come close to training their muscles as hard as they can.
Have you ever worked out with a buddy and noticed that for whatever reason it may be….whether it was to look stronger or look cooler in front of them, you somehow managed to do 2 more reps than you do during your regular workout? Well, those extra reps you performed prove that you haven’t been reaching muscle failure each time you work out!
Some people get worried when they hear the term muscle failure and think they will injure their muscles if they push any harder.  Muscle failure is not as bad as it sounds.  It simply means you continue to perform an exercise, bicep curls for example, until you cannot possibly perform another rep.
Weight training to muscle failure helps activate secondary muscle fibers, often referred to as assistance muscles that are typically less used when training the major muscle groups. This results in elevated stimulation of muscle growth and increased muscle size over regular training methods.
However remember that lifting weights to muscle failure is often misused and does not mean you should push your muscles to pass this point, ultimately injuring them.

Switching Up your Weight Training Routine with Split Training

Our bodies and muscles adapt easily when they live the same weights and perform the same workout routine all the time. By regularly changing your weight training routine, you will force your muscle fibers to continue to adapt to various exercises you do. This leads to an increase in muscle growth by constantly challenging your muscles.
One great way to diversify your weight training to build muscle size is by having multiple weight training programs.  This is often referred to as split training.  Instead of following the same whole-body workout routine every time you go to the gym you essentially split your workout routine into multiple weight training programs only training select muscle groups each session.
This has 3 major benefits that lead to faster muscle gain; increased muscle focusa reduction in workout time and an increase in muscle recovery time.  By only targeting 2 to 3 muscle groups per workout you can keep your workouts down to 30 to 45 minutes while applying maximum tension on your target muscles.  The entire time you are weight training these muscle groups you will also be allowing other muscles you trained the day before more time to recover.
The increases in muscle size that can be achieved by simply implementing spit training are remarkable, however, you can also take this technique to the next level by also changing your weight training programs every 4-6 weeks, including training days and weight training exercises, performed.  This way your muscles will always be guessing, always doing something different during your workout routines.

Add Super Sets to Your Weight Training Workout

upper setting your weight lifting to build muscle is not a new concept and has been a popular training method for advanced weight trainers for many years. Supersets involve teaming two opposing muscle groups and working them both without rest.
A common example is working out your chest muscle and back muscles using supersets as these are opposing muscle groups.  So you could superset bench presses with bent over flyes by first performing a set of barbell bench presses, then without resting perform a set of bent over dumbbell flyes. This is repeated for the required number of sets, usually 4 to 6 sets.
Note that in this example a barbell exercise was combined with a dumbbell exercise.  It is recommended to avoid combining exercise that utilizes similar types of weight resistance, e.g. 2 weight machine exercises, 2 dumbbell exercises or 2 barbell exercises.  When the super setting is incorporated into a split program the strength and muscle gain can be astonishing!
Here are some popular superset combinations which you can incorporate into your training program:
  • biceps/triceps
  • chest/back
  • quads/hamstrings
  • abs/lower back

Alternate Between Weight Machines and Free Weights


Gym machines and weight machines work your muscles in different ways.   Many weight machines involve assistance and work the large muscle groups, such as the pectoralis major, anterior deltoid and quadriceps.  Examples of these types of exercises include the machine chest press and smith machine squats.  On the other hand, most free weight exercises will target smaller muscle groups and stabilizer muscles.
So does this mean I should only do free weight exercises when weight training to build muscle size? Yes, many agree that when bulking up free weight compound exercises are most effective.  However, the ideal weight-training program includes a combination of both machine exercises and free weight exercises.
Incorporating both into your workout routine allows you to target all the muscle groups of your body and keep your muscles challenged. The more challenged your muscles are, the bigger they will grow.
Here is a muscle-building tip that many muscle buffs don’t know or use.  Start off your workout session by fatiguing the stabilizers of your target muscle group first with free weight exercises.  Stabilizer muscles typically fatigue quicker than the major muscles.  Once achieved switch to machine exercises targeting the same muscle group.  You will be able to continue hitting the major muscles now until they too fail.  The result => Complete muscle failure, increase the stimulation of muscle growth and maximum muscle gain!!!

Hold Your Muscle Contractions At the Peak of Every Weight Training Rep 

Activating or ‘holding the contraction’ during your weight training exercises is an excellent way to increase the size and strength of your muscles. Keeping your muscles activated is like a bonus two-in-one workout as the muscle fibers are ‘switched on’ throughout the entire exercise.
To achieve this during weight training exercises you simply ‘hold’ the muscle contraction during the exercise by actually ‘holding’ or pausing at the point of peak resistance. For example, as you perform a bicep curl, hold or pause at the top of the repetition (when the weight is closest to your chest), to maintain the muscle contraction.
By adding this isometric aspect to your weight training exercises you will cause complete stressing or activation of the muscle fibers through increased engagement of muscle motor units. You will also be increasing the amount of time resistance is applied to your muscles to be simply holding the contraction for a desired amount of time. These two actions on the muscles result in an increase in muscle load and ultimately an increase in muscle size and muscle mass.

Using Resistance Against Gravity to Your Advantage

This is such a simple weight training technique you have probably seen it in action in the gym, especially with experienced weight trainers.
When you are weight training to build muscle you are lifting a weight upwards away from the floor against the pull of gravity.  At this positive point of repetition, it is time to be explosive!  You should use maximum muscle strength to fight gravity and lift that dumbbell or barbell.  However, remember to maintain proper form without using momentum to lift the weight…without proper form, you will only injure your muscles and slow down your progress.
Now when lowering the weight downwards towards the floor the opposite will occur. This motion should be slow and control as you resist the forces of gravity pulling the weight down.  By fighting gravity on the way up and resisting gravity on the weight down you will maximize the amount of resistance and stress applied to your muscle fibers while weight training.  This increase in muscle activation will start building muscle and burning fat much faster.
Participating in weight training to build muscles is the best way to create bigger muscles and get ripped fast.  Muscle failure, split training, super setting, weight machines, free weights, muscle contracting holds and gravity resistance are great techniques you can incorporate into a good, solid weight training program, like the Muscle Maximizer program, to increase your muscle-building abilities.

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