5 Advanced Ways to Build Muscle Fast

"Advanced Resistance Training Techniques"

These five advanced ways to build muscle fast using resistance training techniques are used by many pro bodybuilders. He advises that you should use these techniques at your own risk, with plenty of caution, and preferably with a spotter or workout partner.

Forced Reps 

First of all, what is a forced rep?  As the name implies forced reps are forced and therefore take place after your muscles have given out and you can’t lift anymore.  They, therefore, occur when you can no longer perform another rep at the end of a set due to muscle failure.
So how do you complete a forced rep then if you are at muscle failure?? You seek the assistance of a spotter, training partner, or trusted friend!  Essentially what they do is help you finish a few final reps after a long and hard-set by providing minimal assistance.
Forced reps help build muscle fast and get ripped because they shock your muscle fibers by fatiguing them further past their typical point of failure. This leads to increased muscle growth. These reps are an extremely effective way to keep going after failure, which is essential to building muscle mass fast, and avoid muscle plateau.
It is very important that you ensure that the spotter does not lift 100% of the weight for you resulting in no resistance being applied to your muscles. He or she is supposed to help you lift the weight not lift it for you!  It is also crucial that they help you complete the final reps at a speed that is equivalent to the speed that you were previously lifting the weight at.

Negatives or Negative reps 

Similar to forced reps, negatives also require the assistance of a training partner, spotter or trusted friend. Negative reps take place during the third phase of a repetition.  This is known as the dropping phase. This phase is the eccentric focus when you begin to lower the weight to its starting position after it has been lifted up to the static period at the top of the repetition.
In order to perform negatives, you need your training partner to help you lift a weight that is slightly too heavy for you to lift on your own.  You will then slowly lower the weight using your strength to resist the force of the weight trying to drop on the floor, in the case of negative bicep curls, or on to your chest, in the case of negative bench presses.
Once completed your training partner will then help you raise the weight back up to the starting position. You will therefore never be performing the initial positive phase of the repetition.


You have probably heard of supersets before as they are one of the most popular and easiest ways to build muscle fast. This advanced training technique is a combination of two different exercises performed in rapid succession. Similar to forced reps, supersets promote rapid muscle growth due to shocking your muscle fibers.
Supersets are typically performed either on the same muscle group, e.g. two sets of chest exercises or on two different, opposing muscle groups, e.g. chest & back or biceps & triceps. The most important factor when performing supersets is that there is little or no break between the two sets of exercises.
If you are performing supersets for the first time you may find your endurance taxed to the limit, but this will eventually clear up.

Drop sets 

Drop sets will tear the crap out of your muscles and then build them back up bigger and strong each and every time!
A drop set begins with a set of heavyweight e.g. 80lbs. Lift these weights for as many repetitions as you can.  Once you have reached failure put these weights down and immediately choose a set of weights that weighs slightly less than the initial weight, e.g. 75lbs, and complete another set for as many repetitions as you can.  Next, grab another set of slightly lighter weights, e.g. 70lbs, and do another set.
Continue this with increasingly diminishing amounts of weight until your muscles are thoroughly exhausted!
A drop set usually consists of 3 to 4 decreasing weights performing a total of 3 to 4 sets. For maximum muscle growth use free weights, such as dumbbells.

Pyramid Sets 

Pyramid routines are essentially the opposite of drop sets and are based on the principle that overloading your muscles will force them to grow faster. They also build muscle endurance and strength.
A pyramid routine begins with a lightweight and a lot of reps. Next, you increase the weight slightly and decrease the number of reps due to slight muscle exhaustion. To end the set, use as heavy a weight as possible and only perform between 4 to 6 reps.  At this point, your muscles should be so exhausted that you cannot perform very many reps.
Pyramid sets are a great way to change up your workout routine to keep your muscles guessing, preventing them from becoming accustomed to lifting the same amount of weight for the same number of reps. However a word of caution before incorporating this advanced way to build muscle fast into your routine.  As you progress through a pyramid routine to heavier and heavier weights your muscles will quickly reach exhaustion.  You must, therefore, be very careful that you do not injure yourself due to decreased strength when trying to complete your final heavy pyramid set.
Armed with these 5 advanced ways to build muscle fast you should now be prepared to intensify your workout routines and increase the speed at which it takes you to get ripped fast.  Remember to approach these pro techniques with caution and to maintain proper form at all times.

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