A How to Get Ripped Fast At Home Plan For All Levels of Fitness

If you want to learn how to get ripped fast at home, you need to use an intelligent workout plan that consists of three proven muscle building techniques. These methods have worked successfully for so many aspiring bodybuilders and will work for you.

Invest in Quality Free Weights and Weights Machines 

Free weights

Your first step is to begin a resistance exercise routine that incorporates both free weights and machine-based weights.
You can buy an all-in-one machine type weight set-up for only a few hundred dollars and your free weights, such as your barbells and dumbbells, can be purchased cheaply from a regular department store like Walmart.  You will need to ensure that these free weights come with a significant amount of weights on them.
You should be careful about not lifting too many heavyweights, but the heavier resistance lifting you do, the faster you’ll build up your muscles, everything else being equal.
You need to get into a routine of doing 3 to 4 sets of each major muscle group exercise, such as bench pressesbicep curls, and leg squats and perform between 6 to 8 repetitions of each set at moderate to heavyweight levels.
Do fewer reps with the heaviest of your weights for the fastest muscle-building results.
These are essential investments for significant muscle mass growth. The longer you workout with these weights, the more rapid your muscle growth will be.
You should still incorporate some cardio training such as running on a treadmill or rowing on a machine, not so much for muscle building ability per se, but rather to help condition your body for better overall stamina and endurance for your weightlifting workout routines.

Do Dips, Push-ups and Chin Ups 

man doing pushup

As you’re continuing to learn how to get ripped fast at home, don’t forget about the tremendous and invaluable benefits of utilizing your own body weight as resistance to quickly build powerful muscles.
The best exercises for using your own bodyweight to build quick muscle mass include dipschin-ups, and push-ups.
Perform six to eight sets of ten to twelve repetitions of each of these exercises if you can. Do more if you feel strong enough.
You can even hang light weights around your ankles when you’re performing chin-ups to increase the force and exertion on your major upper body muscles such as your deltoidslatsbiceps, and triceps.

Eat Adequate Amounts of Protein

protein rich foods

When you’re trying to learn how to get ripped fast at home, always remember that you’re the one in control of your eating.
You can and should choose to eat the most nutritional daily menus that will most quickly build muscle. Since muscle is built with the help of protein, you must nourish your body with all of the amino acids found in the best sources of lean protein, such as freshwater fish and low fat or fat-free dairy products. These include tuna, mackerel and salmon, turkey without the skin on it
You can also get a lot of protein from vegetarian sources such as nuts and seeds, but they have significant amounts of fat so don’t eat too much of them!

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