Build Muscle Quick- Steps to Prepare Yourself For Rapid Muscle Growth

If you want to build muscle quick, you’re going to need to put together an effective muscle-building program to get it done. By putting your muscle-building goals it into a well-defined workout regime, you are executing a defined plan.  It helps to plan out howwhy and when you will accomplish each task providing you with control over the entire muscle building process and will help you stay on track to building muscle quickly and getting ripped fast.
Here are a few tips that you should think about when putting together your plan of action to build muscle quick.

Have the Proper Workout Gear 

Firstly you will want to acquire the appropriate workout gear without cutting corners. This will allow you to focus on the challenges ahead without worrying about whether or not you should purchase a different set of free weights!
There are many components to workout gear. There is the obvious, clothes and equipment. It is a good idea to invest in quality gear: buy cheap and you buy twice. Clothes and shoes are extremely important for a good workout, and you really don’t want to be worried about faulty gear, lose valuable time spent re-shopping and place yourself at the hands of safety hazards while working out.
A very important piece of equipment you will need to purchase is a quality pair of workout gloves or lifting gloves. These will usually cost about $10 – $20 USD and should be breathable, fast drying and feature a gripped palm surface (e.g. the Max Grip Training Gloves by Altus).
Also, be sure to buy a good set of free weights whether you frequent the gym or not.  Do not go cheap on free weights! Free weights are extremely more effective at helping you build muscle quicker than weight machines and they will get intense use.
Here you really have 2 options.  First, you can purchase a set of dumbbells that are about 60% – 75% of your maximum weight (e.g. if you can lift a 45-pound dumbbell for only 1 controlled rep then purchase a pair of 35-pound dumbbells).  The downside to this though is that you will not be able to increase weight resistance, which is crucial to promoting quick muscle growth. The second option is to purchase a PowerBlock.  The PowerBlock is the most durable and efficient dumbbell set that allows you to increase and decrease the weight of the dumbbells.  It is essentially like owning a dumb rack at the gym in one dumbbell.
OK now that you have the right workout gear let’s move on…..

Day Planner with Progress Tracker, Workout Log or Workout Journal 

Investing in a scheduling system that will allow you to easily track your progress is one of the most overlooked keys to getting ripped fast. Most people fail to build muscle quickly because of the fail of course due to lack of motivation early into their workout plan.  A progress tracker is guaranteed to be the most motivational item you will own or at least very close to it!
Going beyond the visual results you will now be able to see what you have accomplished on paper as your muscle size and strength increases throughout your muscle-building program. This tracker will become something you remember to take with you every day.
For many, this is simply a modified notebook, but there are purpose-built products available to do this properly as well.  If you have a smartphone you might also think about taking advantage of some of the great apps available, such as Flex, Healthifyme but just remember the focus is to build muscle quick, not to show off your latest gadget!
Ok now you have the equipment you need and you are ready to track your workout routine and muscle growth.

Plan Your Muscle Building Plans

What you eat is so important to how fast you build muscle and get ripped. You may have a membership at this best gym which you frequent often and train hard at but still see little to no muscle growth because you simply aren’t feeding you muscles!
You must change your current diet to a diet to build muscle quick and you must stick to it. This will involve some research into your body type, a reflection of your muscle-building goals, along with a weekly muscle diet meal plan.
Before grocery shopping has your meals and meal times predetermined with the ingredients listed. One grocery shopping tip, stick to the outer sections of the grocery store. The healthy food tends to surround the core of most grocery stores and they try to place the unhealthy, popular frozen dinners and health-destroying high fat, high sugar meals in immediate eyesight.
Once you have finished shopping using your meal plan, you will now be able to prepare the ideal combinations of foods at the right times of the day taking into consideration when you sleep and when you work out. You will also want to think about the protein to carbohydrate ratio of your meals so that you have tonnes of energy for your work out, enough protein to stimulate muscle growth and increase metabolism while having enough carbohydrates to take you through the remainder of the day without promoting weight gain. However, minimize the calorie intake when heading to bed, unless you are a hard gainer (ectomorph body type).
Breakfast is king and is the most crucial muscle-building meal of the day and should never be missed. It is also the easiest to plan, as for most people it is the least likely to be out of routine. Other meals at home, however, can be planned and catered for in the same way. In contrast, meals eating at work are harder to figure out and sticking to your plan really needs some vigilance here. Normally it is lunch but remembers it could sometimes be dinner if you often end up staying at work past 6:00 p.m. What are you going to do then? This is why meal planning is key to building muscle fast!
In addition, there is an art to eating out well, it takes time to casually dissect the menu to find the food that best matches the fuels your muscle need for rapid lean growth. However, it is a fun challenge and it comes quickly with experience. For example, choosing the salmon with house salad is a much better choice than the chicken parmigiana!

Set Goals and Reward Yourself to Stay motivated 

Goals are the prime focus of motivation and are key to your build muscle quick program. Set realistic goals on your own or with your trainer. There is nothing more soul-destroying and momentum destroying than an unrealistic goal set in a moment of optimism.
Posting your goals publicly is an excellent way to make them permanent, and it’s always a good idea to tell others.  By talking about your muscle-building goals, your closest friends will help you stick to them, whether by supporting you to succeed or threatening to laugh at you if you don’t.
Rewards are really important tools for making it through an effective plan to build muscle quick.  These rewards can be of different sizes and at different stages of the muscle-building process.
For some, a reward has to be for a major achievement, e.g. gaining 20 pounds of lean muscle, but they can simply reward themselves with chocolate as a treat instead of a protein bar after completing an intense workout. Others require a much big reward such as buying a new convertible sports car they’ve always wanted to show off their new toned, muscular body.
Some people also stay really motivated when there is a clear immediate benefit to achieving their workout goals. If this sounds like you, make really small rewards for all your fitness goals.
The important thing about putting rewards into your program is that you have to set intervals for those rewards. They can be time or action-based, or a combination of the two.  What you don’t want are clusters of rewards, so take some time to think about the best way to set up your reward system.

Consult Professionals 

If you are going to get ripped in a short period you will need to adopt an intense workout routine, quick often 6 days a week.  This will place your body at some risk. It is therefore recommended to seek some help to make sure you reach your fitness goals safely. There are many places to look for quality advice.
Your personal trainer is the most obvious place to start. He or she will become an integral part of the program, so get their involvement early.
You should also not be afraid to discuss your muscle-building plan with your doctor, particularly if there are any health issues that you are aware of. Likewise, diet is such an important part of this process, discussing your food plan with a nutritionist would be an excellent and extremely beneficial idea.
The information gained from these consultations could really give you an edge and reduce the time while increasing the likelihood of reaching your quick muscle-building goals.
By getting all of these details together and planning out how you’re going to approach your plan to build muscle quick, you’re improving the odds of it becoming a reality. Therefore if you include appropriate equipment, solid goals, an ideal muscle building diet, built on professional advice, and a helpful reward scheme, you are setting up yourself for a superb muscle-building journey.
Hope this article helps you.

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