Best Butt Workouts- 6 Butt and Booty Exercises for Firmer Glutes

    You mean that there are workouts for the butt?

    Surprisingly yes. Many people aren't aware of this, and are taken aback when they find out that there are workouts that they should do to achieve a perkier behind!

    Nevertheless, you can heave a sigh of relief because butt exercises that target the muscles in your behind are simple. Plain simple, but very effective. All you need to do is to set aside fifteen minutes a day for this part of your body.

    After all, we sit on our butts for a large part of the day, when we are working, studying or reading. Now, it is only fair for you to train them! Never ever neglect a particular part of your body, because you will regret it.

    6 Best Butt Exercises You Can Do

    I promised to keep them simple, so I shall. But be warned: although they seem simple on paper and in pictures, you might not feel that it is easy. This is because your buttocks have gotten neglected for some time, in favor of workouts that target arms, chest, shoulders...
    ... You get the picture, don't you?

    But don't worry, the important thing is to get started on the following workouts!

    1. Bridge Exercise 

    Bridge Exercise - Forming Shapes With Your Body Is A Workout!

    The bridge exercise is like forming a bridge with your lower body. Yes! That is a workout on its own! Don't you think that it's amazing how exercising can be so simple?

    I've seen and read about so many people who give up because they think that they need to train like Jack LaLanne during his peak to be fit and healthy, but that's not the case!

    You train as hard as he did if you want to be a world-renowned competitive bodybuilder. If you want to simply be healthy, you just need to do simple workouts from day today.

    Get On Our Gorgeous Backs And Begin Bridge Exercise!

    • Lie on your back with your hands on the side. Your legs will form a triangle with the floor, similar to a crunch position.

    • Lift your hips off the floor, such that your shoulders, hips, and knees are in a straight line.
    bridge exercise

    • Hold this position for 5-10 seconds.
    • This is dependent on how you feel during the exercise. Some people might feel that 10 seconds is too tiring, while others might find that it is easy.
      Listen to your body. Do not push yourself too hard. Do what you can. Your strength will improve in time.
    • Slowly lower your hips back to the starting position.
    • Repeat this entire procedure 8 more times.

    Things You Should Look Out For while doing bridge exercise 

    • Be sure to do this exercise on a mat.
    • Cushion your back well by doing this workout on a mat. This exercise places a little strain on the neck so I'm sure you want to minimize injuries.
    • Make sure your shoulder, hips, and knees are in a straight line.

    How Can You Make bridge exercise Harder

    • Hold the position for a longer period.
    • You can choose to hold the position for a longer period, as opposed to only holding it for 10 seconds.
    • I must remind you, do what you are comfortable with. As you become stronger, you can hold the position longer without even realizing it!
    • Increase the number of repetitions, VERY CAREFULLY
    • Since this exercise places a bit of stress on your neck, I do not really like to suggest that you increase the number of repetitions.
    • However, if you are confident, you can try to do more than just 8 repetitions.

    Final Words

    Exercise is really simple. You do not need to train for hours and do so every day to see results. You just need to set aside maybe half an hour a day, three times a week.

    Many people stop exercising because they feel overwhelmed by the amount of effort they need to put it. A lot of times, such information you get is false.

    Shut yourself out from all the noise out there. I promise to give you honest and clear information that you should know.

    After all, true knowledge is power. Try this workout and reap the benefits!

    2. Bridge exercise on the stability ball 

    One of the best exercises for the butt: bridge exercise on a stability ball. If you have taken a look at the bridge exercise, then this exercise is not a big surprise for you.

    All you have to do for this workout is to have your legs resting on a stability ball while you perform the bridges. This is perhaps an intermediate level workout for that gorgeous behind.

    This is one variation of the possible bridge exercises for the butt. I am showing you the ones that I feel are fun and different as well as effective. So let's get started!

    • Place both your legs onto a stability ball and lie flat on an exercise mat. This is your starting position.
    • Balance yourself and slowly raise your hips until your shoulders, hips, and legs are in a straight line. This will be the end position of the workout.
    • Hold this position for 5-10 seconds, depending on how comfortable you are with the level of difficulty for this workout.
    • Repeat the entire process 8 times.

    Tips You Should Know

    As with other lower body workouts, take good care of the following:

    • Do not raise your hips too high because it will strain your backbone.

    • Find your balance before raising your hips.
    Since you are propping your legs on the stability ball, it can be a challenge to stay balanced. 

    Therefore, move slowly and find your balance before completely raising your hips. It will prevent nasty falls during your workout.

    Making This Workout Tougher

    • Hold the end position for a longer period.
    • I'm sure you know how this makes the workout harder. Holding the position will demand a great amount of energy from your muscles to complete the workout.
    • Increase the number of repetitions
    If you do not want to hold the end position because you tire too easily, you can actually attempt to do more repetitions. The important thing is to make sure that each repetition is done with quality.

    Final Words

    Yes, you might have done a tonne of other workouts for the butt, but to be frank, the bridge and its different versions are still the most effective ones to target the butt muscles.

    So try this one out and see how you enjoy it. After all, there are so many other exercises you can play around with. Spice things up!

    You'll have perkier butt cheeks in no time! :D

    3. Advanced bridge exercise on the stability ball 

    This is the ultimate of all glute workouts - the advanced bridge exercise. It is possibly the hardest workout but life is only interesting if you give yourself challenges from time to time right?

    There are methods of making this workout easier, so don't worry. The important thing is to learn as many exercises as possible so that you can change your routines whenever you start to feel bored.

    Boredom kills, which is why it is important to not only make your routines as different as possible but to give yourself a challenge from time to time. This will help to determine how much you have improved, which can be a great motivational factor!

    Learn How To Perform Advanced Bridge Exercise

    Glute Workouts for the win! For the advanced bridge exercise, you will need an exercise mat and a stability ball.

      • Support your head and shoulders on the stability ball. Your legs should be in a normal crunch position.

      • This is your starting position.

      • Slowly raise your hips such that your shoulders, abdominals, hips, and knees are in a straight line.
      • This will be your ending position.

      • Hold the repetition for maybe three to five seconds.

      • Repeat the entire process 8 more times.

      Tips For Glute Workouts

      • The difficulty of the exercise is dependent on how far the stability ball is placed from your hips.
      • Should you find this exercise extremely tiring, you can place the ball closer to your hips, and it will make the workout much easier.
      • Remember not to force yourself. If it is too hard for you, try the normal bridge until you have improved your strength. Pushing yourself too hard will only cause you to be demoralized and lead to injuries.

      • Be sure to move slowly when executing the workout.
      Since your upper body is supported by the stability ball, you need to move slowly, or else...... you will fall off the ball, OUCH!

      Besides the obvious injuries from falling off, you stand a risk from injuring your back. So be patient, and keep things simple and take your time. As you become more confident in using the stability ball, you will be doing such exercises with greater ease.

      Making Glute Workouts Harder

      • Move the stability ball further away from your hips.
      • The distance between the ball and your hips determines the intensity of the workout. Therefore, increasing this distance will make the exercise even tougher.
      • To ensure that you don't overdo it, I strongly suggest that you make the
      • adjustments gradually to prevent unnecessary strains.

      Final Words 

      This is the most challenging out of all the butt exercises that I talk about, but it is certainly useful to train your butt muscles. Remember, it is not wrong to get a feel of this exercise just because you are new to working out.

      Try making the workout easier. But you should not turn a blind eye to the advanced stability ball bridge. It is truly a great way of toning your muscles, so give it a go.

      Stop making excuses and start working out! You can do it!

      4. Lunges 

      Lunge exercise is a child's play. It is that simple! As I have said before, exercise is not a nightmare.

      Steps To Doing A Proper Lunge Exercise

        butt exercise lunges

      • Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place your hands on your hips for better balance.
      • Take one big step forward with your left foot. Slowly lower your body until the angle between your thigh and calf is at 90 degrees. In other words, your left thigh would be parallel to the floor.
        butt exercises lunges

      • Slowly lift your body and go back to the starting position by pushing through the heel of your left foot.
      • Repeat this for your right leg. You have completed one set of repetitions.
      • Carry out 8 more repetitions of this exercise.

      Things You Need To Avoid To Prevent Injuries

      • When you step forward, make sure that your foot is placed flat on the floor. If you land on your toes, it can be very painful and in some extreme cases, cause hairline fractures in the toe.
      • The knee that is in front of you during the exercise should not pass your toes. The knee and foot of the front leg should be in a straight line, perpendicular to the floor.

      • Do not twist your upper body or arch your back. Your posture is extremely important to prevent any back injuries.

      • Check to ensure that your feet are pointing straight ahead when you do your exercise.
      • Sometimes, when you lose balance, your feet are either pointing inwards or outwards and this lessens the effectiveness of the lunge.

      • Do not rush.
      • As always, keep your movements slow and controlled. This prevents injuries and gives your muscles maximum workout!

      How Can You Make It Tougher?

      • Carry a heavy bag! This makes your upper body heavier, increasing the intensity of your workout.
      • Make sure you gradually increase the weights. Do not try to be Hercules and attempt to lift huge loads the first time you add weights. Take things slowly, one step at a time.

      Final Words

        The lunge exercise can easily be done anywhere. You could squeeze in 8 lunges while walking from your office cubicle to the washrooms. Not only will it train your legs, but it perks you up when you feel groggy and sleepy!
          Quite often, people who do know how to do this workout do so incorrectly. Therefore, they feel discouraged because they do not feel any results.
            Exercise is simple, isn't it? Now stop making excuses and get moving. You'll feel great, I promise you.

            5. Squats

            The squat exercise is one of the easiest exercises and most effective to get your leg muscles working. The name comes from the motion that you are required to carry out - from standing to squatting.

              Steps To Doing A Proper Squat Exercise

              • Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.

                butt exercises squats

              • Slowly move into a squatting position.
                • Make sure that the angle between your calves and thighs is about 90 degrees. Also, keep your back straight.
                  butt exercises squats

                • Slow move from squatting to standing position.

                • Repeat the exercise 8 more times.

                Things You Need To Avoid To Prevent Injuries

                  • Do not rush your movements while doing the exercise.
                    • Doing exercises too quickly is less effective in strengthening your muscles. On top of that, you risk injuring your joints from the strain even more.
                    • Avoid squatting all the way down.
                    • This is not necessary to achieve maximum impact for the exercise. On top of that, your knee can get too much stress causing discomfort later on.

                    • Do not bend your back while doing the exercise.
                    • Keep your back as straight as possible at all times. It is fine to lean forward when you squat (it's natural) but do not arch your back. Keep your head, neck and back in a straight line. If you don't, you might injure your lower back.

                    How Can You Make It Tougher?

                    Do you find the exercise too simple for you? Perhaps you can try slowing down your movements even more.

                    When you get down to the squatting position, hold that position for 3 seconds. Then slowly return to the starting position.

                    You will feel a great big difference at the end of 8 repetitions.

                    Alternatively, you can use weights to make it harder. Carry a backpack filled with encyclopedias and try the workout!

                    If you have weights at home, great! Or even a resistance band!

                    Final Words

                    Doing squats is a great way to train your legs. Remember, eight repetitions are a guideline. If you feel more confident, go further to try completing more repetitions.

                    6. Step-ups 

                      Climbing Stairs just get better!
                        Step-ups are basically an exercise taken from the idea of climbing stairs. For those who make a conscious effort to take the stairs at work every now and then, good on you!
                          If you haven't, then I would tell you that it's better late then never!
                            You can start taking the stairs to get a feel of how this exercise is like.

                              Doing Step Ups The Right Way

                              • Stand (with your feet shoulder-width apart) behind an object that you will be stepping upon.
                                butt exercises step up

                              • This object can be anything - stool, chair, staircase, road curb - anything that enables you to step up onto it.
                                • Step onto the object with your right leg

                                • Then bring your left leg up.
                                  • Go down with your right leg first.
                                    • Then bring down your left leg.
                                      • Repeat this process for another minute, going up and coming down with your right leg first.
                                        This trains your right leg only. Therefore you will need to repeat the entire process for your left leg. When you are doing the exercise with your left leg, make sure you climb and descend with your left leg first.

                                        Things You Need To Avoid To Prevent Injuries

                                          • Make sure your movements are slow and focused. Do not rush.
                                            • This workout is quite tiring for your joints, so you have to be careful. Risky movements can cause your knee to hurt and swell!
                                            • Keep your back straight.
                                              • Posture needs to be upright, to avoid injuries to the back. Contract your abdominal muscles to help support your back.

                                              • When you step up, make sure that your entire foot is on the object.
                                                • Do not rest only your toes on the object. It can be very painful and cause muscle tears and fractures in your feet.

                                                  How Can You Make It Tougher?

                                                  Seeking a challenge? I'm here to dish it out to you.

                                                  Instead of doing it for only 1 minute as I suggested, plug in your music player, play your favorite song and do this exercise throughout the entire duration.

                                                  Since most songs are at least three minutes long, you can be sure to feel the extra "oomph!" in your legs.

                                                  Besides that, why not clamp on some weights on your ankles or calves? A friend of mine didn't have weights, so he used homemade bean bags!

                                                  My favorite is what I call a boot camp trial. I would start doing this exercise while playing songs or watching my favorite shows, anything to distract me from the workout. I just keep doing it until I have completed exhausted one leg.

                                                  Then I repeat with the other. Yes, it can be pretty tiring, but the endorphin rush you get after that is amazing! However, I suggest that you try this only after you get the hang of exercising, and you can do them pretty comfortably.

                                                  Final Words 

                                                  You are well on your way to getting shapely, toned legs! Exercising is great fun, rewarding and easy to do. So try this exercise and tell me how it went for you! :D

                                                  Try the music tip, I think it works wonders!

                                                  Benefits Of Strong Butt Muscles

                                                  Well, engaging in regular butt exercises would mean that you will soon sport a nice rearview. That is, of course, a superficial benefit.

                                                  However, the main benefit of engaging in regular butt workouts is because such exercises actually help to strengthen your lower back, thus preventing various back-related injuries. On top of that, supple butt muscles also ensure good hip and leg movements.

                                                  We now know that butt muscles are not just for sitting on! (Giggles)

                                                  Should Injuries Stop you?

                                                  As I always say, I am in no position to suggest whether you are physically capable of carrying out exercises. The best is if you were to seek advice from your doctor or healthcare professional.

                                                  However, research shows that in most cases, working out actually helps the healing process of your injury. Therefore, if you are given the all-clear signal from your doctor, pick yourself up and start exercising. Hopefully, in time, you will recover and improve the quality of your life and health.

                                                  Yes, the hardest part is taking the first step. It is always the case for anything, from studying for a test, going out to purchase something urgent during rush hour and in this case, to start working out.

                                                  Try to remind yourself why are you doing these butt exercises, or other exercises, for that matter. Tell yourself that you are striving for a healthier lifestyle!

                                                  Final Words 

                                                  Yes, butt exercises might not have been a priority for you before. There was a period where I did not even know that they existed! But after a while of doing such workouts, I later realized that it was pretty easy and it seemed pretty fun.

                                                    Butt workouts are... different, in away. You need a proper sense of balance that will improve as you do more and more of the exercises I've shown above. You will understand what I'm talking about once you've gotten down on your exercise mat and tried it out for yourself! (smiles)

                                                      Let's have great butts!

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