Learn How to get Ripped in weeks with These 7 Muscle Building Tips

For anyone interested in learning how to get ripped in weeks, several basic guidelines should be followed. These quick and easy muscle building tips will be of great help to anyone who follows them consistently.

Tip #1. Start a Consistent Workout Regime 

 The easiest way to start a muscle-building regimen is to work backward from your desired results to your current fitness level.
For example, if you are overweight and looking to chisel down, your workout should be composed of cardio followed by lifting a moderate amount of weight for a high number of repetitions (12 – 16 reps).
If you are relatively fit with an ideal body mass index you will need to do the opposite, i.e very light cardio followed by lifting heavyweight for a low number for repetitions (6 – 8 reps) to failure is best.
Now a crucial requirement to getting ripped in weeks is ensuring that you carry out your workout routine consistently.  This means working out at least 3 times a week for approximately 45 minutes without missing a workout.
This takes discipline and sacrifice!

Tip #2. Educate Yourself about Proper Form and Exercise Equipment Use 

Lifting weights does not accomplish much if the proper body mechanics are not at work. A quick half-hour of research or a consultation with a trainer is all that it takes to get the basics on safe and effective lifting techniques.
By performing weight lifting exercises with the correct form you will maximize the resistance applied to your muscles, improve the effectiveness of your workout and therefore accelerate your muscle growth.
Here are a few tips that you can implement immediately ensure you are performing your weight lifting exercises safely and effectively.
- Ensure you bend at the knees not only when performing exercises such as squats, but also when picking up and placing weights on the weight racks between exercises.
- Ensure to be conscious of your breathing.  During the positive motions of an exercise, e.g. the upward raising of a barbell above your chest during a bench press, be sure to exhale, while inhaling during the negative motion of an exercise.
-Be sure not to arch your back during any exercises, especially bench pressing. Arching your back while trying to bench a heavy load is very harmful to your spine and should be avoided at all costs.  If you find yourself having to lean back when doing dumbbell bicep curls then you are lifting weights that are too heavy for you and risk injuring your back. 

Tip #3. Emphasize Supporting Muscles 

Many enthusiastic beginners tend to overemphasize core lifts while ignoring the supporting and stabilizer muscles.
Core lifts, such as the bench pressing and squats are great for strengthening the larger muscle groups, but ignoring the supporting muscles will lower the potential of these groups and rapidly decrease the rate at which you see results from weeks to months.
Aerobic routinesyoga, and lightweight targeted routines using an exercise ball are great ways to strengthen these muscles and allow for rapid muscle growth in weeks.

Tip #4. Muscle confusion 

Although there is little consensus as to why, muscle confusion works it is effectively used by bodybuilders worldwide, leading to consistent results in a short amount of time.
You can still devote specific days of the week to certain muscle groups, but the lifts that you perform to target those groups should consistently change.
For example, on chest and shoulder days, you could do bench on one day and fly the next. This way you keep your muscles “guessing” throughout the weeks.

Tip #5. Exercise With a Motivated Partner 

For those learning how to get ripped in weeks, lifting with someone who is in your general strength level will yield more results than if you were to work out by yourself.  This is due to the natural competitiveness of human nature.  You will be motivated to work out as often as your partner does so that they do not see results faster than you do.
The best way to work out with a partner or friend is to synchronize your workouts and perform the same lifts in an alternating fashion.  This allows one person to always be lifting while the other is spotting.

Tip #6. Begin a Diet Plan 

The healthiest way to gain serious muscle mass while avoiding the over-commercialized weight loss supplement route is to simply overload your diet with carbohydrates and protein.
For active men, this could mean bumping up to a 3000-calorie diet. This should be considered a perk!
On the if you are on the heavier side and also require losing weight a low-calorie diet combined with high-intensity cardiovascular exercise is more fitting.

Tip #7. Care For Your Muscles Post Workout 

Finally, there is post-workout care. It is almost impossible to get ripped in weeks without ensuring that you rest your muscles and give them time to grow between sets and workout.
Lifting weights tears muscle fibers that need to be repaired.  The muscle fibers are repaired and grow during rest.
You also must ensure you feed your muscles post-workout. This is best achieved with a high protein – low-fat shake. Your body will most efficiently metabolize this protein when it needs it most i.e the half-hour after a workout.
After every workout tries eating a protein bar or high-protein meal containing lean meat as well.
When you are learning how to get ripped in weeks, knowledge is just as powerful as your lifting routine. Following these simple muscle building tips is a healthy and effective way to do just that and have the energy to spare.

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