Cadbury Oreo vs McVities Digestive Biscuit: Calories, Macros, Nutrition facts

Today we are going to Compare MCVITIES Digestive Biscuits with CADBURY Oreos. 

You might be thinking why would someone compare a fattening sugary biscuits with healthy Digestive biscuits. But wait!! You'll get the answer in this article.

Firstly, let us know about them.



Oreo cookies were first manufactured in 1912. No one knows from where the word Oreo comes but there are many theories for this. We'll not go in detail about the history of Oreos. 

Ingredients used :

1. Sugar
2. Unbleached enriched flour 
3. High oleic canola oil and/or palm oil and/or canola oil
4. Cocoa 
5. High-fructose corn syrup
6. Leavening agent (baking soda and/or monocalcium phosphate)
7. Corn starch
8. Salt
9. Soy lecithin
10. Vanillin
11. Chocolate
12. Palm oil


McVities Digestive Biscuits

They were first manufactured in 1839 and as the name suggests these cookies are easily digestible. 

Ingredients used : 

1. Brown wheat flour (which gives it its distinctive texture and flavor)
2. Sugar
3. Malt extract
4. Vegetable oil
5. Wholemeal
6. Raising agents (usually sodium bicarbonate, tartaric acid, and malic acid)
7. Salt
8. Dried whey
9. oatmeal
10. cultured skimmed milk
11. emulsifiers such as DATEM 

We've seen the manufacturing and ingredients of the biscuits. Now, comparing them. It's really interesting. Let's start.

Round 1: Calories (per biscuit)

Oreo has 71 calories 
McVities Digestive Biscuit has 55 calories

Oreo has lesser Calories

Winner of round 1: OREO 

Round 2: Carbs (per biscuit)

Oreo has 8.3g Carbs 
McVities has 10.3g Carbs 

Oreo has lesser carbs 

Winner of round 2: OREO 

Round 3: Fats (per biscuit)

Oreo has 2.2g of Fat 
McVities has 3.1g of Fat 

Oreo has lesser Fat 

Winner of round 3: OREO 

Round 4: Protein(per biscuit)

Oreo has 0.5g protein 
McVities has 1g protein 

McVities has more protein 

Winner of round 4: McVities 

Round 5: Taste 

Do I need to review the taste? 

Oreo has great taste. Mcvities are also good in taste but here OREO definitely wins!

Oreo vs McVities

We've seen and compared the Cadbury Oreos with McVities Digestive biscuit. 

Now let us see what happens when you eat Oreos 

What you think when you eat Oreos

1. Your entire diet is ruined.

2. You'll wakeup to pounds heavier tomorrow.

3. There's no turning back.

What actually happens when you eat Oreos 

1. Not much...Each cookie has 55 calories.

2. You can fit them into your macros and stay on track.

3. You get to enjoy amazing cookies.

Oreo vs McVities Calorie breakdown

How to burn 55 Calories (equivalent to 1 Oreo cookie)?

Walking at a pace of 3mph for 14 minutes.

How to burn 71 calories (equivalent to 1 Mcvities cookie)?

Walking at a pace of 3.5mph for 18 minutes 

Final words 

McVities Digestive just got Knocked out by Oreos.

If your calorie balance allows, adherence allows, you can have either! that's the main point. 

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